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Nirmaan Organization

We have only one passion, The rise of a great Nation


1. Medicines to a women suffering from cancer

This woman is a resident of Pilani and she comes from a poor family. She suffered from cancer and couldn't afford spending on medicines. His son approached Nirmaan and explained her condition. Upon detail examination of the case, Nirmaan has provided medicines to her for six months to help improve her health.

2. Medical expenses to Mr. Kathavrayan, a disabled person

Kathavrayan is a resident of Bangalore and is a blind person but he is a very kind hearted person. He has been spending his whole life by helping few other such disabled people. Resigning from Government services, he established WARDS to provide rehabilitation and education to few such disabled. Spending time and efforts for WARDS, he never focused on earning income for his personal expenses. All of a sudden, he suffered from problems with kidneys and diabetes. He approached us for monetary assistance. Keeping his financial condition and his contribution to society, Nirmaan has provided Rs 4,000 to bear a part of his hospitalization and medical charges.

3. Donation of Artificial Leg 

One of the main activities of Nirmaan is to act as a bridge between the needy and the people or organizations that help the needy. Vijaya, our volunteer at Hyderabad approached 'Vikalangula Kendram' , an organization that donates artificial legs to needy to help Narsamma a resident of Aram-ghar (a home for mentally retarded people). Narsamma who lost her left leg was fitted with an artificial leg on 18 July, 2008 and is able to walk comfortably now.

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